Mother-in law Vs Daughter-in law (RAW is WAR)

Why this cold war is continuing for generations?

Expectation on both side before seeing the reality.
Not accepting the changes easily.


From daughter-in law point of view.

1. Seeing like an enemy not as a daughter.
2. Wanted to dominate daughter-in law with the upper hand of experience.
3. Generation gap becoz of change in life style.
4. Already prefixed mind set on daughter-in law.
5. Stopping freedom to execute saying daughter-in law is too young to decide.
6. Unable to digest daughter-in law maturity.

From mother-in law point of view.

1. Not caring like her mother.
2. Not maintaining home properly.
3. Spending lavishly.
4. No care for future.
5. Not maintaining relationships
6. No respect for elders
7. Behaving as per wish
8. Lazy in action

Mother-in law have more to complain as they have experience hand.

Remember daughter-in law will be a mother-in law one day.


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